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How to download an image

To use WordCloud.pro designs in printed or electronic form, you need to:

  • Sign in to the system or register;
  • Create your own design in the editor;
  • Select the appropriate image size and license;
  • If necessary, make a payment with credits;
  • Download the finished design.

Price: from 0.7$ / credit

You can purchase the necessary number of credits, as well as credit packages that allow to save significant amount of money when downloading files in large quantities.

Package 20 -5%
0.95$ / credit

Package 50 -10%
0.9$ / credit

Package 100 -20%
0.8$ / credit

Package 200 -30%
0.7$ / credit

Purchase of credits is performed using PayPal payment system. Users without a PayPal account can use guest payments feature that allows to pay by credit/debit card.

Credits never expire, are not subject to return or exchange.

Available licenses

Personal ~ free
Allows to use the file only for personal non-commercial purposes subject to authorship attribution by providing an active link or in other reasonable manner.
For example: publication of image on a personal blog or creation electronic greeting cards

Standard ~ from 1 credit
Allows to use the file for creation of all kinds of items within the scope of permitted uses subject to the following restrictions:
  • The file can be used for creation of items for resale or items for free distribution only if the file is not a primary or defining part of the item;
  • For printed and digital use the total number of viewers, displays, copies or prints should not exceed 500,000.
For example: publications on blogs and social networks, digital design, printed materials, outdoor and indoor advertising

Extended ~ from 5 credits
Includes all permitted uses under the Standard license, does not have any limits on the total number of viewers, displays, copies or prints and allows to use the file for the creation of items for resale or items for free distribution in which the file is a primary or defining part of the item.
For example: mass production of printed products and also use image for "print on demand"

To learn more about each license and become familiar with the existing usage restrictions, visit the License Agreement.